There are so many similar data entry program to Legit Online Jobs so I wanted to do a comparison between a few of them.

Through the past year I have researched about 20 online data entry programs and today I want to give my review on Legit Online Jobs.

For anyone who is not really familiar with Legit Online Jobs it is a non-traditional data entry program which in short is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based job where you place online ads in order to promote web companies for pay. Legit Online Jobs is basically a training program for this. They provide you with a members area which included online tutorials, tools and techniques in order to promote these web companies successfully.

These types of programs have become one of the leading sources on how to make money from home these days and can be highly lucrative
if you have the right training program. They also provide the jobs so you can start right away. Unfortunately, Legit Online Jobs fell short in my book. They have a wonderfully crafted website and members area, however, I noticed that they mainly only want you to do a system called Google Adwords. for anyone not familiar with this, it is a search engine advertising company which can get very expensive if you don't know what you are doing. Now I don't know about you but I don't want to pay for advertising when I just got done paying for an admittance fee. This is where they fall short.
They do not present enough free advertising techniques and this is what most people will want to do including myself.

I noticed that many of the other online data entry programs I came across were also gearing you towards Google Adwords. Now I don't know if they do that because they receive a commission off of your adwords account or what but I just can't see a newbie benefiting much off such a complicated program such as adwords.When I emailed Legit Online Jobs about his and asked them if they could recommend any other free advertising methods they simply told me to view the members area for the free classified advertising section and that was about as far as that conversation went. Very disappointed.
The majority of other similar programs were the same with an exception to one company which is called Typist Jobs.
This companies members area provided several free and low cost ad methods to use along with step by step easy to follow instructions.
not to mention their support staff was very helpful so I was most impressed with this company.

for anyone looking into this type of Data Entry I would definitely Recommend Typist Jobs above the rest.

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